Take your ideas from paper to iPad

iNotebook wirelessly transmits handwritten notes, drawings, and sketches to your iPad; so that all of your ideas are easily captured and shared. Thanks to a Bluetooth®-enabled sensor and premium pen, everything you put on paper is saved and instantly transferred to your iPad. Plus, everything you create is intuitively organized and searchable.


Capture it all.

Easily transcribe and save your handwritten notes to your iPad without special paper. Grocery lists, class and meeting notes, drawings and brainstorms—the iNotebook captures it all in one place. When you’re done, your notes and recordings are stored for fast, easy access on your iPad.

A Seamless experience.

Digitally capture everything you write on any standard A5 or 8″5″ notepad. Easily pair your iPad with iNotebook via Bluetooth. An indicator within the app lets you know when the iNotebook is paired with your iPad. Ideas are also captured when your iPad isn’t with you. The sensor in the iNotebook stores more than 100 pages of notes, so that you can transfer them when it’s convenient.


Take more notes without losing track.

Group collections of notes or pages into virtual notebooks that you can name to keep your ideas organized.

Find a view that’s right for you.

The iNotebook will help even the most avid note-taker keep it together. Easily move related pages between editable tabs. As your ideas grow, you can continually add, remove, or reorganize pages.


All your notes in one place.

Finding old notes shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why iNotebook has been designed to make finding your ideas easy—no more searching through scattered slips of paper or a stack of notebooks.

An unlimited number of pages can be viewed in the iNotebook app. They can be separated across up to six tabs to make viewing and organizing just a little easier. Looking for that great idea you had last week? Just use the search box to find anything you’ve typed. Notes are automatically tagged with geo-location, date and a time stamp; making it easy to see when and where a note was taken.


Do more than ever before.

A complete toolset lets you easily add annotations, text boxes, or erase, highlight, and much more. You can also record and store audio recordings to supplement your notes, and easily share it all right from the iNotebook app.

When you’re done taking handwritten notes, the iNotebook helps you create an editable, completely interactive digital document.


Think. Cultivate. Share.

All your ideas can be shared easily with friends, family, and colleagues. Send notes and audio recordings over email or export to a PDF for easy viewing. You can even enhance collaboration by sending notes to the cloud, thanks to integration with Dropbox.

Stream with AirPlay®.

Have an audience? No problem. The iNotebook lets you wirelessly stream notes to a TV or projector using Apple AirPlay—turning your notes into a memorable presentation.



AMD001US - Black Portfolio


AMD00101US - White Canvas Portfolio


  • Notebooks

    Keep the brainstorms, drawings, and ideas flowing with additional A5 notepads.

  • Ink Refills (Pack of 10)

    The more notes you take, the more ink you’ll need. Keep refills handy.

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